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Shunkan EXILE... Choosing of songs for 10 finalist 
3rd-Aug-2010 09:43 pm
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This week's episode of Shukan EXILE shows ATSUSHI choosing songs for the finalist to sing... They each have to sing "Best friend's girl" and then from there he specifically chose songs that will help them to overcome their weakness..  Kinda like testing them if they can handle a song that is not what they will usually sing... eg: choosing a happy pop song for an R&B specialist.... lolz.. Kinda feel that he's being abit hard on them because the previous audition was not so strict as this one.... I like the part where he gave each of the finalist microphones as presents... Awww~~

Song List:
1) Masayasu Yagi 22  [Imai Miki - PRIDE] "To test his ability to relax and not use so much strength with his throat"
2) Otake Satoshi 16  [Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life] "To test if he can break off his "enka" and "visual k" feel to his singing..
3) Hiroomi Tosaka 23 [EXILE - Touch The Sky] "To test how his refreshing voice is able to potray this song.."
4) Ryuto Kazuhara 17  [Marvin Gale - WHAT'S GOING ON] "He has the technique.. so this song will test his ability to sing an English song.."
5) Kazuya Tada 21  [EXILE - Someday] "To test if he can express a happy and groovy feel as his forte is R&B"
6) Yosuke Kishi 17  [Dragon Ash - Hi ga mata no bori kuri kaesu] "To test his ability to sing a hip hop song as he has a sweet and his forte is sad songs..
7) Satoshi Miyata 26 [Hirahaya Aya - Jupiter] "To test if he can do an opposite to his strength in groovy songs"
8) Genki Shimada 19  [Toshinoi Yonekura-Yes,i do] "To test his rhythm"
9) Ryuji Imaichi 23 [Shimizu Shota - HOME] "To test if he can beat his coolness habit and sing an R&B song"
10) Ryota Katayose 15  [Ozeki Yuuta - Forget me not] "To test his spirit in singing, his pitch and his manliness.. as Ryota tends to sing ballad type song"

From what I hear... I am impressed with Kazuya, Ryuji and Ryuto... I like the way they sang Best Friend's girl the best..
And wow.. another audition.. but this time is for the 劇団EXILE!
Can't wait for the next episode..^_^
5th-Aug-2010 09:22 am (UTC)
I can't wait for the new episode~ It will be a big challenge for them to overcome their weaknesses in such a short period of time~
5th-Aug-2010 12:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah.. especially those young ones.. gosh it will be tough... Think they really want to see who's the best out of the best..
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